Certified Translation of Legal Notices

Law offices in the United States that deal with non-English speaking parties often need to overcome language barriers in their communications with the defendants. They sometimes settle the case out of court, while at other times they end up taking the defendant to court. Lawyers often send legal notices to parties that refuse to cooperate. Once they decide to appear in a court attorneys should seek certified translations for courts to translate the legal notices they have sent. Lawyers in Los Angeles commonly hire paralegals or legal assistants who speak a second language. A bilingual paralegal who speaks Spanish, for example, can write such notices in the Spanish language for Latino defendants.

Nevertheless, when foreign-language documents are presented in a court it must be accompanied by its certified English translation. Court-certified translations are appropriate in such cases. They might need to submit the legal notices as evidence to support their attempts to collect information from the uncooperative party. Translators who are approved to translate documents for courts usually have the proper training and knowledge to handle the translation of legal text. They understand that the translation must be attached to their certification so when they hear that the client will be taking the translations to a court they prepare their declaration. Law firms throughout the United States can contact a reliable translation company when they need to remove language barriers. Once they have all the paperwork ready they can send the documents electronically to the translation company. Firms with experience serving lawyers can assist professionals in the legal industry who need certified translation service.

CACFTI translates legal notices and other documents that law offices are planning to use in a court. We accommodate the needs of law offices in LA and other cities that want to communicate clearly with foreigners. Law firms that take many cases involving Hispanic defendants or plaintiffs can rely on us for the translation of documents they need to submit to non-English speaking parties. Our translators who possess advanced language skills can translate your legal notices from English to Spanish. Law offices without a multilingual staff on their team have nothing to worry about because we provide a wide range of language services. Our court-certified translation services match the needs of lawyers who cannot settle the case outside of courts. Getting a quote is easy. Simply let us know that you want certified translations for courts and your deadline. A representative will respond as soon as possible.

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