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Translation of Employee Handbooks from English to Chinese

Professional translation of employee handbooks into Chinese

Businesses in the United States that employ employees in China and Taiwan as well as entities in the United States that rely on a local Chinese-speaking labor force often need to have their handbooks and operations manuals translated into Simplified and/or Traditional Chinese. Employee handbooks often contain information about the organization’s history, vision, and mission. They might also include the organization’s attendance policy, code of conduct, and cell phone usage policy. A translator who executes the translation of employee handbooks and manuals must have extensive knowledge of vocabulary related to human resources. Our translators have rich experience in the translation of HR related documents including employee handbooks. Please email your documents into for a quote.

Who might need Chinese translation services for HR manuals?

-Educational institutions

Educational institutions including public high schools, colleges, universities, and vocational schools might need English to Chinese translations for their HR documents. If they intend to hire Chinese speakers who feel more comfortable reviewing the material in their native language, they might need to get those documents translated into Chinese. It is important to recognize that while the candidates, employees, students, and faculty might be residing in the United States they might prefer to read the information in their native language.

-Medical offices, clinics, and hospitals

Medical offices, clinics, and hospitals in the United States that employ medical professionals from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan often translate their human resources documents from English to Chinese. They want to make sure that their doctors, nurses, physicians’ assistants, and other staff members who speak Chinese as their first language clearly understand the medical facility’s policies and guidelines.

-Law offices

Law firms that specialize in employment law or assistant the human resources department of entities with their legal needs often need translation services. If they are dealing with the Chinese speaking community or they are involved in a case that involves a Chinese speaking party they might need to get their HR related documents translated from English to Chinese. We can translate declarations, text messages, corporate governance policies, and safety guidelines from English to Chinese. Please get in touch with us if you need to have your HR and/or legal documents translated.

-Restaurants, supermarkets, and manufacturers

Ethnic supermarkets and restaurants in the United States often get their HR documents translated for candidates and new employees. Supermarkets that offer products from China and restaurants that serve Chinese or Chinese style foods commonly need to have several types of documents translated. They might provide a bilingual menu to their customers or get their training manuals translated into Chinese so the servers can clearly understand the expectations of the establishments. Likewise, manufacturing businesses that conduct business with China might need to have certain documents translated into the Chinese language.

Translation of HR documents by professional Chinese translators

HR documents are usually drafted by professionals who work in the field of human resources or legal professionals who assist other organizations draft such documents. Documents that are used in HR need to be translated by professional translators who are fluent in the source and target languages. Professional Chinese translators who specialize in HR can often effectively translate handbooks, training manuals, applications, payroll records, and employee agreements. If you are looking for English to Chinese translators who possess excellent translation skills, please get in touch with us. We can translate HR documents and other material for schools, law offices, medical facilities, restaurants, and manufacturers.

Translation of HR documents into Simplified and Traditional Chinese by CACFTI

California Center for Translation & Interpretation provides high quality translations for HR related documents including employee applications, forms, resumes, exit interview questionnaires, operations manual, training manuals, and employee handbooks. If you need HR documents to be translated into Simplified and/or Traditional Chinese, please get in touch with us. We can translate your documents for the Chinese speaking countries and Chinese speaking communities around the world. Our Chinese translators who focus on quality and specialize in HR text can help you with the translation of your documents. We look forward to hearing from you!