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We can provide a certified translation of Arabic documents and birth certificates. If you need the translation to be notarized too, please contact us

Court Approved Arabic Translator

American companies in the oil and gas sector that have formed a business relationship with an entity in the Middle East usually rely on a contract to establish the obligations of each party. Before they begin their partnership they might draft a contract in the Arabic language. Arabic speakers on their team could assist them in the process of writing the agreement. The parties should just make sure that the Arabic speakers on their team are familiar with the legal language and can help them prepare a legally binding agreement.

Why should the American party provide an Arabic language agreement to the party in the Middle East?

If disputes arise during the course of business and the parties want to take the case to a court in Los Angeles or other cities in the United States they probably need to show that the Arabic speaking party understood the contract. If they only provide a contract in the English language the Arabic speaking party can claim that they did not understand the terms of the agreement. Once the parties decide to settle the dispute through the court system they should seek the assistance of a court approved Arabic translator. Courts in the United States use the English language document to determine whether or not the plaintiff’s allegations have merit.

Why Assign the Task to a Court Approved Translator?

Cases related to breach of contract are often very sensitive. As a result, they require the attention of a detail-oriented translator who is familiar with the industry. Court appointed translators usually have keen eyes and can effectively translate sensitive documents. For example, an oil company’s agreement might deal with the sale and distribution of oil in various markets. The translator who executes the translation of such a document must know the technical terms pertaining to the oil industry and capture the exact meaning of the original document in its translation. The parties should make sure that their translator has a strong background in the subject matter.

How Can CACFTI Help with Court Document Translations?

CACFTI can help businesses and individuals who want to present an Arabic-language document to a court in the United States. We also support many other languages. We can translate documents related to the contractual obligations of enterprises. We have extensive experience in the translation of commercial documents for courts. When clients inform us that they will be using the translation in a court, we assign the project to a translator who is approved by courts and is comfortable with the type of document in hand.

If you have entered into an agreement with an Arabic-speaking party, possess a copy of your contract in the Arabic language, and would like to use it in a court of the United States please contact us for assistance. Our translators who specialize in the translation of documents from Arabic to English and are approved by the judicial council are interested in translating your documents. They can handle the translation of documents in a variety of areas including law, business, and technology.

We have translated many documents for law firms and other parties that have submitted our translations to courts. Our certified translations bear our official stamp and seal. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our Arabic translation services or to book a translator for a deposition, trial, conference, etc. You can email your contracts or other types of documents to for a quote. Please specify the purpose of the translation so that we attach the right declaration.