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Translation of Documents for Family Law Cases

Family law offices around the country often handle cases pertaining to divorces, child custody, adoption, and spousal support. They sometimes deal with cases that involve foreign parties or foreign language documents. As they are preparing documentation for court appearances or for their internal use they might use the services of professional translators who specialize in legal translations. California Center for Translation & Interpretation has translated many documents for family law cases. We can translate text messages, summons, receipts, non-disclosure agreements, and prenuptial agreements. Please send your material to for a quote.

Official Translation of Divorce Judgments

We can translate divorce judgments and property settlement agreements from English to foreign languages and vice versa. If you have a judgment or agreement in the English language and would like to have it translated into Spanish, please get in touch with us. We have ample experience in the translation of legal documents such as complaints and divorce judgments from English to Spanish. We support many other languages too. We can also translate your divorce judgments from foreign languages to English. Please get in touch with us regarding the translation of your court orders and judgments from foreign languages to English. Please let us know if the English translation is for a court in the United States.

Translating Material for Domestic Violence Cases

Family lawyers often help their clients obtain a restraining order, also known as protection order, against family members and/or former spouses. A lot of domestic violence victims try to get a restraining order against the person who hurt them. If you have a restraining order from another country and need to present it to an English speaker, please get in touch with us. We would love to have the opportunity to assist you with the translation of your restraining orders. We are committed to translating your documents to the best of our ability.

Professional Translation of Marriage and Divorce Certificates

We can translate marriage certificates and divorce decrees from English to foreign languages and from foreign languages from English. If you are planning to submit proof of marriage and/or divorce in a court in the United States and those documents are not in English, please get in touch with us. We have extensive experience translating marriage licenses and divorce certificates into English. We focus on providing high quality translations for various documents including marriage and divorce certificates. Please let us know if you need a notarized translation of your marriage and/or divorce certificates.

Translation of Child & Spousal Support Orders

We can translate child support orders, agreements, and modifications. We can also translate spousal support orders. Many law offices that deal with family matters receive such documents from their clients. If the documents are in English and they want to present them in courts abroad, they probably need to get them translated. Likewise, if the documents were issued in other countries in a foreign language and they intend to submit them to courts in the US they might need to present the documents along with their certified translations. We have ample experience in the translation of documents for family law firms. We can translate your child and spousal support orders.

Translation of Text Messages and Recordings for Family Law Offices

If you intend to present text messages in foreign languages to courts in the United States, you can get in touch with us regarding our certified translation services. We can translate text messages into English for family courts that require certified English translations. We can also translate text messages for family lawyers who need to use the translations for their internal use. If you have a recording in a foreign language that you need to submit to your attorney in the United States who does not speak the foreign language, please get in touch with us.

Translation of Birth Certificates and Adoption Papers

Family lawyers in the United States who work on child adoption cases sometimes need to have documents translated from foreign languages into English. They might need to have the child’s birth certificate translated if the child was born in a non-English speaking country. If you are a family law attorney or you represent a law firm that specializes in family law and you need to have a document translated into English for a child adoption case, please feel free to contact us. We can also translate child adoption agreements.