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Translation of Farsi Birth Certificate for Immigration Application

Since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 many Iranians have left the country and tried to settle in foreign countries such as the United States. They have applied for various types of visas including family-based and asylum-based visas. A birth certificate is a common kind of document that Iranians have submitted with their application. They have sought professional Persian translation from a company that offers translations services for US immigration. It is essential for Farsi-speaking immigrants to provide a certified translation of their birth certificate (shenasnameh) when USCIS requests it. Sometimes immigration officials ask applicants to bring a copy of their translation to the interview. Divorce decrees, marriage licenses, vaccination records, diplomas, and ID cards are other types of documents that applicants might need to get translated.

Applicants might experience difficulties along the way if they fail to deliver their foreign-language documents exactly the way the authorities require. They have specific rules regarding translations that they enforce. For example, they need a copy of the Farsi document to be attached to its certified translation. Professionals who specialize in US immigration do not usually suggest that Farsi-speakers who are proficient in English translate their own birth certificates or other documents. Instead, they recommend that they submit their Farsi-language documents to a company that offers Persian translation services. Assigning the task to a professional translator ensures accuracy and neutrality. In addition, professional translators provide their official certification, which you can submit with your application.

We have translated many documents for US immigration applications and cover all the major world languages including Persian. We can translate and certify documents so immigrants from Iran or other Farsi-speaking countries can simply submit them with their application. Translating birth certificates is often quite simple for our experienced translators who have delivered English translations for many immigrants. Our translators can quickly and impeccably translate documents for Persian immigrants. Translators who specialize in the translation of documents related to immigration can assist Iranians who are working on a visa application. Our Farsi to English translators who are fluent in Farsi and English and have worked in the industry for a long time can translate your personal documents accurately. They focus on translating the text correctly. They also consider the deadline when they start translating the Farsi-language document because they want to make sure that they are on schedule and you do not miss your appointment.

Translation of Farsi Birth Certificate

California Center for Translation & Interpretation has translated dozens of documents including birth certificates for USCIS. We have translated documents for many immigration attorneys throughout the country. Our Farsi translators who will execute the translation of your Iranian birth certificate are experienced, skilled, and intelligent. They are capable of producing high-quality translations. When you contact us regarding the translation of your documents, please be sure to mention that you will be using the translations for USCIS so that we prepare the proper certification for you. We are pleased to offer certified translations for Farsi and other Middle Eastern languages. Please ask us about our professional Persian translation services if you have a document for immigration purposes. We are experts at translating personal documents including birth certificates and vaccination cards.