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Translation of Employee Handbooks and Manuals

Organizations based in the United States that operate globally often need to have their employee handbooks and manuals to be translated from English into foreign languages for employees that work for them abroad. Entities that operate in the United States also often need to have HR documents to be translated into different languages because they could have employees in their local office who do not speak English. They provide the translation of these documents to such employees so that they can understand them.

Translation of Human Resources Documents

Translators who focus on the translation of human resources documents have often translated employee handbooks, manuals, employment policies, forms, applications, and other related documents. They are familiar with terminology related to employment law and human resources. Our translators who specialize in the translation of HR documents put their best effort into their work. Their goal is to clear and professional translations.

Translation of General Employment Policies

A company that operates in international markets might need its general employment policies to be translated into foreign languages. Such documents might include information regarding harassment, discrimination, and retaliation prevention policy. Our translators who have experience translating employment policies and guidelines can translate such documents into foreign languages. Please email your documents to for a quote. We support many languages. We can translate employment policies for companies in various industries as well as educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

Translation of Laws Regarding Wages and Rest Periods

Employee manuals usually contain a section regarding the legal status of the workers and their pay. They also include information regarding meals and rest periods for exempt and non-exempt employees. Translators who have extensive experience translating handbooks and manuals understand the importance of using the right terminology in the target language. The information pertaining to wages, timekeeping records, and breaks have to be translated accurately and completely. Employees who are reviewing the translation of the manual need to understand what their legal rights are regarding rest periods during the workday.

Translation of Paid and Unpaid Leave of Absence

HR documents that employees receive often include information about paid and unpaid leave of absence. They might also include information about holidays, vacations, family care, and bereavement leave. When translators translates this information into the target language they have to make sure that they translate the text accurately and convey the meaning of the original text. Employees who are reviewing the translation have to clearly understand the employer’s policy and expectations. Our translators strive to deliver error-free translations that employers can provide to their employees. They go over each section carefully to make sure they have not missed anything.

Translation of Benefits and Perks in Handbooks

HR handbooks typically include information about employees’ benefits and perks. They might mention any health and welfare benefits plans in which employees can get enrolled. Eligibility might depend on employee classification and length of continuous employment at the organization. This section might also outline what the organization’s policy is regarding employee education. Our translators who specialize in the translation of employee handbooks and manuals have translated texts related to benefits and perks. They would love to have the opportunity to translate your handbooks too.

Why Translate HR Manuals and Handbooks?

The human resources department of companies, non-profit organizations, hospitals, and other entities commonly provide a manual or handbook to employees. Such documents usually provide details about the organization’s history, mission, values, policies, and procedures. If the employees do not speak English or they feel more comfortable reviewing the information in their native language the human resources department usually provides a translation. Likewise, an entity that operates internationally and is involved in a lawsuit in the United States might need to have its HR documents translated into English for use in court.

CACFTI’s Experience in Translation of HR Document

California Center for Translation & Interpretation has translated many HR documents from English to foreign languages. If you work for the human resources department of a company, university, global corporation, hospital, etc. and you need to have your documents translated from English to foreign languages, please get in touch with us. Please let us know if the translation might be used in court. We look forward to assisting you with the translation of your employee handbooks, corporate governance policies, training manuals, safety procedures, and other related documents.

Best Arabic Translators in Los Angeles

Well qualified Arabic translators in Los Angeles often translate official documents including birth certificates, death certificates, police reports, criminal history records, and marriage licenses. They might translate such documents for law firms, companies, immigration consultants, universities, hospitals, etc. Their translations are often presented to USCIS, employers, and/or courts. They might also translate corporate documents such as training manuals, press releases, invoices, and contracts. Translators who provide professional Arabic to English translations typically translate important documents for official use. Similarly, translators who translate documents from English to Arabic often translate official documents for use abroad. Sometimes these documents have to be translated and attached to an apostille.

What Makes an Arabic Translator the Best?

Translators who are fluent in both Arabic and English and possess impressive translation skills often provide the best translations. They surpass the quality of their counterparts because their translations are crafted with extreme attention to detail. Such translators focus on translating documents accurately, maintaining the same tone and style of the original document. The best Arabic translators are usually talented and can come up with the most effective ways to convey the original message. They also review the original text very carefully before translating and try to determine the best way of putting the text in the target language. They are committed to delivering excellent translations.

The Cost of the Best Arabic Translations

The best Arabic translations are usually priced slightly higher than the average translation you can get from a mediocre Arabic translator. The best Arabic translators are typically skilled, talented, trained, experienced, and get a premium price for the extra benefit they offer. You may already know that cheaper services often end up costing more because you have to get low quality translations proofread by another company or have them redo the work. To get a quote for a document, please email

Best Arabic Translators at CACFTI

Our Arabic translators are very professional and passionate about what they do. They always try to prepare top-quality translations that are appropriate for the target audience. When they translate a document from Arabic to English they look for the best words in the English language that expresses the message of the original Arabic document. Likewise, when they translate a document from English to Arabic they make sure the Arabic translation reads smoothly and clearly expresses the message of the original English. They try to achieve perfection every time because they understand the importance of your documents. Your satisfaction is very important to our translators.

Getting the Best Translations in Los Angeles

California Center for Translation & Interpretation relies on experienced translators to deliver certified translations for Arabic and many other languages. Our translators who specialize in Arabic to English translations are capable of handling various types of documents. If you have a medical document in Arabic, you can count on our medical translators for a great English translation. Likewise, if you have a legal document such as a prenuptial agreement that you would like to get translated from Arabic to English for vice versa, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can also translate academic documents for schools in Los Angeles or other educational institutions across the country. We can translate other documents including death certificates, wills, ID cards, surveys, letters, bank statements, etc. We will be happy to provide a certified translation of your documents. Please email your documents to for prompt assistance. We look forward to speaking with you about our Arabic translation services. We are committed to delivering the best Arabic translations. We have clients in Los Angeles and other cities across the country.

Farsi/Persian Translations and Interpretations

Farsi Translators and Interpreters Los Angeles, CA Specializing in Persian document translation and over the phone/in person interpretations

We have translated many documents such as diplomas, academic records, birth certificates, and marriage license from Farsi to English and vice versa. Our translators who possess extraordinary talents in Farsi translations are ready to translate your documents. We can also provide interpretation and transcription services. If you need official translations of your academic, medical, legal, or business documents, please get in touch with us. Our work is accurate and timely. We look forward to assisting you with your Persian translation, transcription, and interpretation needs.

What is an official translation?

An official translation is a translation that has been prepared by a professional translator and bears a stamp or seal that shows the translation was completed by a professional translator. For legal purposes and many other cases, you will be asked to present the “official translation” of your documents. This is where we can help! We provide official translations for many documents including birth certificates, divorce decrees, leases, prenuptial agreements, transcripts, etc. Our official translations are attached to our signed certification so that the recipient can tell our company completed the translation. We invite you to send your documents to for a quote. Our team has the training and experience necessary to translate your documents from and into Farsi.

Why do I need an official translation?

Many private and public organizations request official translations of foreign language documents because they want to make sure that the translator who executed the translation of important documents is a neutral third party. Sometimes the requirement is for quality assurance purposes. The organizations want to be sure that the translator who carried out the translation of the foreign language documents has the right qualifications and experience.

Official translation of Farsi divorce decrees

In Iran divorces are recorded by formal offices of divorce registration. Such offices issue divorce decrees in the Farsi language. Such documents contain important information such as the date of divorce, type of divorce, the registration number, and conditions of the divorce. They also list the information of the witnesses and the parties involved in the divorce process. Translation of a divorce certificate from Iran requires the expertise of a professional translator because such documents are filled with legal terminology. Therefore, the translator must know the exact meaning of each word and the exact equivalent in English.

Translation of Iranian marriage certificates

Iranian marriage certificates typically come in a form of a small booklet. They contain the complete information of the couple, the date of marriage, whether the husband has another wife, type of marriage, information of the witnesses, and signature of the agent. Translators who translate marriage licenses for USCIS need to translate everything and not just provide a summary of the content. For immigration purposes official documents must be translated completely. We have translated many marriage certificates from Farsi to English for US immigration and other official uses. Our translators who specialize in the translation of marriage documents from Persian to English are ready to help you with the translation of your legal documents for USCIS.

Certified translation of academic documents issued in Iran for a degree evaluation

We can translate school transcripts, course descriptions, and degrees from Farsi to English for degree evaluation companies, State Bar of California, USCIS, California Board of Registered Nursing, community colleges, and universities. We have translated many official documents including high school transcripts, academic records, diplomas, and student ID cards from Farsi to English for various purposes. Please get in touch with us if you are looking for a professional translation of your Farsi language documents.

Translation of Farsi language documents for California courts

We can translate and certify Persian documents for use in California courts as well as courts in other parts of the country. We have translated many documents from foreign languages into English for courts in Los Angeles and other cities. Our translators who are approved to translate documents for courts are committed to delivering accurate and timely translations so you can present your best case in court.

Translation of power of attorney, wills, death certificates, etc from Farsi to English

Wills, death certificates, birth certificates, and power of attorney are typical types of documents that are used in probate courts. We have translated many documents for probate courts. We can translate your Farsi language documents into English for legal purposes.

Translation of prenuptial agreements from and into Persian

Has your lawyer advised you to get a prenuptial agreement translated from English to Persian or vice versa? You have found the right company! With extensive experience in the translation of legal documents including prenups, marriage licenses, court orders, etc. we are here to help you with your legal translation needs. Our translators who specialize in legal document translation would love to have the opportunity to translate your prenuptial agreements.

Notarized Farsi translations in Los Angeles

We can notarize Farsi translations upon request. Please let us know if you need a notarized translation for your documents. We can notarize your translations in Los Angeles so you can submit them to the party that has requested a notarized translation.

Translation of literary works, publications, journals, etc.

Our translators who have vast experience in the translation of literary works and other publications can beautifully handle the translation of your materials. We understand that the works you publish represent you and hence we try very hard to represent you in the best way. Our translators offer the skills and experience you need to ensure that your publications are presented properly to your audience in the target language.

Farsi to English translations for USCIS

Is it your first time submitting a Farsi document to USCIS? Have you submitted a translation before and received a Request for Evidence (RFE)? We are here to help you! Translating and certifying documents for official uses such as US immigration can be complicated. Don’t leave this process to untrained bilinguals or non-professionals who do not fully understand the process and the unique requirements of USCIS. Your paperwork could be rejected costing you time and money. Don’t let this happen to you! Contact us today.

Farsi/Persian Subtitling Services

Searching for talented linguists who provide broadcast-quality subtitling and transcription services?

Look no further! California Center for Translation & Interpretation offers Farsi transcription and subtitles for presentations, movies, music videos, documentaries, training courses, etc. This service is ideal for studios that distribute foreign films as well as musicians that are trying to reach an international fan base. We can also provide subtitles for human resources professionals that intend to share presentations and training videos with Farsi speakers. In addition, we can provide English subtitles for Farsi language audio and video content. Please get in touch with us if you need Farsi to English or English to Farsi subtitling services.


Subtitling, also called captioning, refers to the text version of dialog in video and audio content that appears on the bottom or top of the screen. The purpose of subtitles is to help deaf or hearing impaired audience. Viewers who do not understand verbal language as well as written language might also find subtitles helpful in following the storyline. Subtitles can be in the same language as the dialogue or in a foreign language.


Our subtitling process has three main components. First, we create a source script by carefully listening to the content. Then we insert the timestamps that denote when the words are being said. Next, we translate the transcription into the target language. Finally, we integrate the text with the audio or video recording according to the timecodes such that the subtitles display exactly when the dialogue happens. We double check the subtitled video/audio before delivering the finalized file.


We aim to offer top quality Farsi subtitles for all of your English audio and video recordings. With our subtitling services, you can reach international clients. If your product launches and advertising campaigns are geared towards Farsi speakers, please get in touch with us regarding our professional translation and subtitling services. We can timecode the translation so that you can upload it to your own subtitling software. If you do not need timecoding please mention that so we can take that into account when we quote.

Our professional subtitling services are available for various projects including

  1. -Radio Ads
  2. -TV commercials
  3. -Audio books
  4. -Presentations
  5. -Tutorials
  6. -Movie trailers
  7. -Depositions
  8. -Interviews
  9. -Music videos

California Center for Translation & Interpretation offers cost-effective rates for Persian transcription and subtitling services. Our goal is to deliver the best transcription and subtitling services for content in legal, medical, entertainment, and business fields. To get a quote, please email us the details of the project you have in mind.


As a business that is trying to reach Farsi speakers, you should be concerned about the accuracy of your translation and how well your words are interpreted to your audience. Impeccable translations that convey your exact message may help you build a stronger relationship with Farsi speakers and present your brand. Our experienced and well-qualified interpreters can deliver your message to Farsi speakers exactly the way you want it. They are true artists who can create the best adaptation of your content by taking culture and content into consideration. Our goal is to tear down language barriers and promote cross-cultural communication. We will work with you to connect you and your ideas to your target audience.


Providing great customer service is fundamental to California Center for Translation & Interpretation’s operations. Delivering top-quality subtitling services for many languages including Farsi is an integral part of our core values. Integrity, leadership, innovation, and creativity are among other core values that we uphold.


Nothing will say it better than our words! If you are looking for true experts to take care of your subtitling needs, please get in touch with us. We rely on experienced professionals to create accurate subtitles for your corporate videos, games, commercials, webinars, etc so that you can reach Farsi speakers. We are committed to integrating the industry’s best practices into our work to meet the exact needs of our clients. Our team of dedicated and fully qualified translation, translation, and subtitling professionals is ready to beautifully handle all of your translations, transcription, and subtitling needs. Our transcripts are created by trained and highly skilled linguists and go through our quality control processes to ensure accuracy. We can create specialized subtitling services for entertainment companies, law firms, and medical offices. We are recognized for our ability to provide superior level of service when it comes to complex projects. We can diligently handle your toughest subtitling projects.



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او یکی از هیجان‌انگیزترین بازیکنان فوتبال در جهان است و در سطح گسترده‌ای مورد تحسین قرار گرفته. او در طول مسیر زندگی حرفه‌ای خود رکوردهای تأثیرگذاری را از خود به جا گذاشته، جایزه‌های معتبر بسیاری را دریافت کرده و الهام‌بخش بسیاری از بازیکنان فوتبال بوده تا علاقۀ خود را در این ورزش جذاب دنبال نمایند. کار حیرت‌انگیز او با توپ، پاس‌های بی‌نقص، شوت‌های آزاد غیرقابل توقف و توانایی فوق‌العادۀ او برای به ثمر رساندن گل‌های سرنوشت‌ساز در بازی از هر نقطۀ .زمین موجب شده‌اند تا او به بدترین کابوس هر دروازه‌بانی شود

ضربه‌های سر هیجان‌انگیز، شوت‌های فاخر و گلهای خیره‌کنندۀ او خاطره‌های بیشمار و لحظه‌های حیرت‌انگیزی را برای طرفداران او در سراسر جهان ایجاد می‌کنند. او به راستی یک اثر ماندگار را در جهان از خود به جا گذاشته است. مدارس آموزش فوتبال و مربیان همچنان به بررسی تکنیک‌های او ادامه می‌دهند و از او به‌عنوان یک الگو در برنامه‌های آموزشی خود استفاده می‌کنند





You can email us at for more information or to get a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

USCIS Certified Translation: Spanish Documents

Certified translation for Spanish language birth certificates
Every year a number of immigrants from Spanish speaking countries including Mexico submit applications to USCIS. Applicants usually provide the certified translation of their personal documents. A birth certificate is a common type of document that many applicants submit with their other supplementary materials. In such cases applicants look for certified translations for USCIS and provide the official translation of their personal documents along with the other components of their application. It is important to meet the requirements of USCIS for foreign language documents to avoid rejections and delays. A birth certificate can also be translated from Spanish to English for other purposes. For example, a lawyer who specializes in will and probate law and is assisting a client from a Spanish-speaking country might need his client’s birth certificate translated for probate court. The birth certificate shows the full legal name of the individual who is the beneficiary of assets and in some cases their kinship with the deceased. Some individuals might need the certified translation of their personal documents for educational purposes. They might need to submit the translation of their birth certificate and academic transcripts and diplomas to a university’s admissions office.

Translation of Mexican marriage licenses and certificates for USCIS
We have translated many marriage certificates from Mexico for USCIS. Our Spanish translators who specialize in the translation of official documents are ready to assist you with the translation of your marriage licenses. We can help you with the certified translation of your Spanish language documents from Mexico. Please email your Mexican marriage license to for a quote.

Translating divorce decrees from Latin America for US Immigration
The translation of divorce papers from Latin America requires the attention and skill of a legal translator who has extensive experience in the translation of similar documents. Divorce certificates and decrees often contain complex terminologies related to the legal obligations of the wife and husband. The court judgment, the custody arrangement, and all the other information have to be translated accurately and professionally. We have translated many legal documents for courts and USCIS. We can help you too!

Professional translation of medical documents for B-2 Visa
B-2 visa is issued for individuals who are seeking medical treatment in the United States. If you need to have your medical records translated into English for a B-2 visa application, please get in touch with us. Our translators are ready to help you with your medical and pharmaceutical translation needs.

Spanish to English translations by top translators
California Center for Translation & Interpretation collaborates with top Spanish to English translators to bring you excellent translations. Our translators possess impressive translation skills and are committed to delivering error-free translations. If you are searching for professional translators who are in the top of the industry for the translation of your Spanish language documents, please get in touch with us. Our translators are true experts who have translated dozens of documents from Spanish to English.

Getting a certified Spanish to English translation at CACFTI
When you contact us about the translation of a document, please be clear about the purpose of the translation. We need this information to provide a quote for the right service. If you only need a non-certified copy emailed to you, please let us know that too. In general, the certification that we prepare for immigration purposes is different from the one that we use for courts. We have translated many documents including birth certificates and medical records from Spanish to English. We can translate official documents from any Spanish-speaking county including Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, and Mexico. We are experts in the art and science of Spanish to English translation. We have extensive experience in the translation of documents from Latin American and European Spanish to English. We can translate birth certificates issued in your home country for immigration applications, educational institutions, courts, etc.

Our translators who specialize in the translation of personal documents from foreign languages into English are available to execute the translation of your personal, medical, academic, and legal documents. If you are working on a visa application and looking for professional translations for immigration purposes, please get in touch with us. We are certain that you will find our services convenient and high-quality. Many immigration lawyers and others who were seeking certified translations for USCIS have contacted us. We hope that you consider us for your translation needs. You can scan and email your Spanish language birth certificates to no matter where you are.